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  • When you feel ill you call a Doctor…
  • When you choose to buy or sell a home you call a Realtor…
  • When you need legal stuff you call an Attorney…
  • Now when you wish to GROW your Business you call Us…

About Us

Understanding your business and the project you entrust to us is the key to our existence. Our approach is hands-on. We are best known for creating a “Game Plan for Growth” for our clients.

WeGrowYourPoconoBusiness.com brings a distinctive blend of boutique services. You DO NOT have to be located in the Poconos for our services.

Our specialty is to understand your business from the ground up and help you realize your Goals and Dreams at affordable prices.

Please, never feel you are too small to need the assistance of a professional. We always provide a FREE CONSULTATION and FREE PROPOSAL.

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Step 1.


Whether you are a Start-Up or one that has been in business for years... many small to medium sized businesses need to organize or reorganize, develop a budget, create a marketing plan, and achieve a plan to gain more customers short term and, more important, long term, and then most importantly maintain that client base.

The Phone Appointment

At your convenience we set up a time for you and us to talk over the phone. We know you are busy with your business, family life, and recreation, so we will make ourselves available to you in the evening, weekends, or just about anytime you have the time to discuss your business with us. There is no cost to you.

In Person Visit

Next is for us to come to your business or meet with you in person, (if you are located out of our immediate area, we do this via Skype or Facetime or another similar system). This is an important part of the Evaluation process. If your business is operating now, we need to visit it, during your regular business hours. At the same time we are evaluating your current business, whether it is in the Retail, Wholesale, Manufacturing, or Service Industry. We truly service ALL Businesses.

Depending on your needs or desires we evaluate in two distinct and separate ways: One as a “Mystery Shopper” and the other with a pre-arranged appointment. At this appointment we ask that you provide us with a tour of your facility.

The Process

Within our meetings we will ask to see all of your current or planned advertising and collateral materials, your website, and your printed materials (current or proposed stationery, your billing statements, advertising publications with your ads, and more). This allows us to know what is working or not working and how our recommendations will help you and your organization.

WeGrowYourPoconoBusiness.com always provides a

Step 2.

The Proposal

After the Evaluation Process we create a Proposal, which we discuss with you at length once you have read it through in the privacy of your home or business. It will be sent to you via email.

A summary will appear at the top of the page, it will provide you with a brief outline of our findings. Your weak points, and your strengths. We will create a simple and concise plan for you to enhance certain areas and to develop new strategies. Another part of our service (if you wish to include it) is our interview and evaluation of your employees.

We respect your time and that of your employees, so when we schedule our appointments we do it at the most convenient times that you, as Owner or President, agree with. After all, we are working directly for you.

Our Proposal is unique. It provides an 'a la carte menu'. In other words each service we will perform will be listed separately and with its own fee. We like to provide this style of a Proposal allowing our potential clients to have a description of what we feel needs to be done and then provide a fee for that specific component.

Clients can choose how they wish to start. It also serves as a 'getting to know' period. The Client can determine if they like working with us and at the same time we can do the same.

WeGrowYourPoconoBusiness.com always provides a

Step 3.


Now our job begins. First, we take all the information we have gathered from our conversations and/or our one-on- one meetings, collate it into a plan based solely on what your objectives are, and, with the pre-approved budget (from our Proposal), create an itinerary.

Once we receive your approval, we will launch our full efforts towards accomplishing that plan. We understand that you may be a little nervous in the beginning, but rest assured you will be contacted for your approval every step of the way. If you don’t like something we have come up with, we’ll come back to you with another way to achieve the same goals.

Our aim is to make you extremely happy so you will want to come back to us for more Projects and, of course, recommend your friends and peers.

Contact us today for a Free Consultation.

WeGrowYourPoconoBusiness.com always provides a

A Few Services

  • If you have a storefront location we can assist you by recommending exciting Window Displays you can create yourself.
  • We can develop new tracking procedures that allow you to know how and where you should spend your money in Marketing, Advertising, Promotion, Public Relations, and/or Special Events.
  • Reviews & Recommendations of your current website or websites – we work with your current website developer, artist, graphic designer to add specific elements that we know will have new customers and old coming back for more.
  • Developing Stationery Packages, showing you how to use your business cards, stationery, posters and more to have a greater impact on your current and future customers.
  • We develop simple “Buy One – Get One” programs, show you how to go after Groups, whether Fraternal, Religious, or Clubs, to gain more business fast and easily maintain it.
  • We develop new and simpler Systems & Procedures, create a new Purchasing Solution, streamline your Operations, institute new Policies, and show you how to implement them.
  • Employee Handbook; a Policies & Procedures Manual; or a full Day-to-Day Operations Manual. We can write Job Descriptions for all departments or individuals by Title. We also develop Titles.
  • We create new and exciting marketing, advertising, and promotion plans based on competitive research and your budget. If you do not have a budget, we will create one for you based solely on what your goals are.
  • We develop Special Events to launch new divisions or special promotions.
  • We teach you and/or your staff how to write targeted press releases, or we create them from scratch. We can organize and run a Public Relations campaign.
  • We can build a network of suppliers and negotiate with your current vendors.

Pocono Domains Sale

Available for a short time are a number of Domains that are For Sale. Upon completion of the sale one or more of these Domains will be transferred to you. These Domains can assist you and your website being noticed by your target audience and define your presence in a more cohesive way. Using a Domain Name for your website or links to your website can insure tremendous visitors and promote your product or services. Contact us for pricing or bids. Purchase more than one and receive huge discount.

  • PoconoLibrary.com
  • PoconoPortfolio.com
  • PoconoCollection.com
  • ThePoconoCollection.com
  • PoconoMountainsConventionCenter.org
  • PoconoMountainsConventionCenter.com
  • PoconoGroup.com
  • PoconoConnections.com
  • WelcometothePoconos.com

Special Sale for Realtors

Best Offer will be accepted over $10,000.00 (USD). All 4 Domains for one price. If you do business in the Poconos, these domains will earn you money immediately. Home depicted currently is SOLD. It is there for your viewing only. It will be removed as soon as you purchase domains. Email info@wegrowyourpoconobusiness.com


Our parent company, P. Jason King Associates, Inc. has taken their expertise and developed Hands-On Workshops. These Programs have been created for Groups Only (unless specified otherwise). They Include:

New Programs are constantly being developed based on the needs of the community. If you have an idea, please let us know. We appreciate your feedback.

For Additional Information about our Programs or How Your Organization, Association, Corporation, House of Worship or Others can Sponsor these Workshops or utilize as Fund Raising Activities please see our CONTACT PAGE or e-mail us at Info@WeGrowYourPoconoBusiness.com

WeGrowYourPoconoBusiness.com always provides a


For more information:

Out of Area Code: 888-697-7899
New York Area: 212-697-7899
Email: Info@WeGrowYourPoconoBusiness.com
Web Site: www.WeGrowYourPoconoBusiness.com

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P. Jason King Associates, Inc.
221 Skyline Drive
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For Additional Information about our Programs or How Your Organization, Association, Corporation, House of Worship or Others can Sponsor these Workshops or utilize as Fund Raising Activities. Please contact us for more information.



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